MB Media Brokers–Changing the Face of the Vending Industry.

MB Media Brokers is the world’s first Vending Machine Advertising Brokerage, founded in 2005.  We specialize in consulting with various types of clients to tailor unique advertising and marketing solutions within the vending and point of sale environment.  With over 20 years of nontraditional media experience and 10 years of vending industry experience, both as an operator and as a solution developer, MB Media brings and unmatched level of experience and perspective to this emerging field within an industry that is in the process of redefining itself.

David Levine began his professional career as an investment advisor at a major firm.  After leaving that industry, he bought a vending route and grew both by acquisition and organically.  However, when David attempted to raise prices by one nickel in the face of rising costs, he found that many accounts would rather switch operators than have their prices raised even slightly.  After thinking about this dire reality, David decided to sell his business, because he knew that this situation was not sustainable and that something had to change.  It was out of this experience that MB Media was born.

David had no programming experience, but started designing what later became the MB Media content delivery system using overseas programmers.  As the system evolved, development was moved back to the US so that the software could be integrated with the signage itself – low cost LED signs.  In later generations, the ability to ad news feeds was added and a full US patent was granted.  The system was originally tested in Arizona with several large operators, and showed sales increases of between 5-20% and shift figures of up to 31%.  This system was sold to a small group of operators over a two year period.  In a later test, MB Media discovered ideal machine viewing angles for achieving these gains.

Due to the changing nature of the business, MB Media has sharpened its focus around its core strengths – content delivery and advertising brokerage.  With the looming nutritional labeling requirements and profit margins that are estimated at 1 to -3 percent, we are here to assist operators in finding ways to offset these costs.  In addition, we have seen more and more hardware solutions that are capable of supporting this vision, making the need for our services even greater.